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Danielle Wynn

Independent Agent with My Paradise Planner

Before her honeymoon in Sept 2015, Danielle and her husband had a bad experience with a travel agent, which ultimately led Danielle to presume ownership of their vacation package. She found herself spending all of her free time researching, reading reviews, browsing the Sandals website, and looking into everything she could, just for fun.  As much as she would have loved to have found another great travel agent to help her, the closest one was over an hour away from her home and at the time, she didn't realize how easily accessible online travel agents were. 


After their honeymoon, Danielle was sad that the fun of planning her trip had come to an end,and was still upset over her bad travel agent experience.  She vowed she could do a better job it those were her clients.  With that idea in mind, she decided that becoming an agent would be the perfect way for her to live out my love for travel through her clients and help those who needed it. As a recent honeymooner, she feels as if she can especially be of help to other honeymooning couples. 


Danielle has always had a passion for travel and has visited many places including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Cancun, Virgin Islands, and Jamaica.  Her knowldge and travel experience grows every day and she looks forward to sending you to all these places and many more!


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