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Being a top seller of Sandals & Beaches resorts, our agency is thrilled to be able to help support The Sandals Foundation.  For those who don't already know, the Sandals Foundation is an organization  founded by the owners of Sandals Resorts International as a way to give back to the communities of the Caribbean.   Sandals Resorts are owned and operated by people who were born and raised on the same islands that their resorts are located.  They know firsthand the struggles and burdens of many of their neighbors with which proper education and good healthcare are hard to come by.

Since opening the Sandals Foundation, the Sandals employees and their resort guests have made a difference in the lives of thousands who live throughout the Caribbean.  Sadly, many guests don't even realize that by being a guest at any of the Sandals Resorts, Beaches Resorts, or Grande Pineapple Resorts they are given an amazing opportunity to make a difference in the lives of many men, women, children, and even animals in the Caribbean.  

There are several ways for you to get involved:

Monetary Donations


Sandals Foundation Donations Through Sandals Honeymoon Registry:





















The Sandals Foundation Reading Road Trip:


Pack For A Purpose:


​Working With A TAG Travel Agent: 










Choose Your Own Fundraiser:


Through the Sandals Foundation, guests are welcome to make a donation during their stay and have it added onto the price of their room.  Before or during check-out you have the option to make a donation of any amount from a couple of dollars to up to a hundred dollars or more.  100% of the money donated goes to the Sandals Foundation.  

Many guests visiting Sandals & Beaches resorts are able to check-out without a balance because of the resort chain's all-inclusive concept, so even a small donation will help but won't be overwhelming for the guests.  

You can also donate online at any time.  If you've stayed at Sandals or Beaches before or have never visited the resorts, you can still help out!

For those couples planning a destination wedding or honeymoon to a Sandals or Beaches Resorts property, if you'd love to have your big day be a part of something special then this is a perfect opportunity. 

The Sandals Foundation allows you to list donations on your Sandals honeymoon registry so your wedding guests can make a donation.  Or, if you're having a destination wedding, consider having each guest bring items to donate in lieu of wedding gifts.  

Click Here to see how the couple in this picture used their destination wedding to Sandals Resorts as a means of donating tons of supplies.

If you love to volunteer at home, then you may want to consider volunteering on vacation.  It doesn't take more than a few hours of your time but you can now book a tour to visit a local school on the island you are visiting through the Sandals' tour company Island Routes.  

While there, you can meet the children who are being helped by the Sandals Foundation and interact with them in their classroom.  Color pictures, read stories, play games, and leave with new friends and memories that will last you and those children a lifetime.

The Sandals Foundation has partnered up with the Pack For A Purpose organization, which allows guests to visit, and see a full list of school supplies that are needed on the islands they are traveling to. With that list they are able to go out and purchase up to 5lbs of supplies to pack in their suitcases and give to the front desk at the Sandals or Beaches resort they are visiting. From there it will be picked up and delivered to the local participating school.  

These children often break pencils in half just to have enough to share with their friends.  Instead of taking an extra pair of shoes, consider filling that space with supplies that will make a difference in these children's lives.


If you prefer not to make donations on your own, you can still help out by booking a Sandals or Beaches vacation with a travel agent who does participate with the Sandals Foundation.  That agent will make a donation for every booking they receive, meaning your booking contributes to the money they donate each year. 

Even if you plan to donate through various other options mentioned above, working with a travel agent or agency that supports the foundation is a sure way to maximize the donations received.

Check with your agent to see if they participate in any of these programs.  If not, ask them to consider it!  Every little bit helps!

Maybe you have a charity or organization that is near and dear to your heart that you'd rather donate to instead?  

Talk to your travel agent about the Sandals Gives Back Fundraiser.  It allows you, the client, to pick the organization you wish to donate to and your agent will give up to $100 of their own commission from bookings earned during a certain time frame, with opportunities for Sandals to match the donations. 

Reach out to your Sandals Specialist/Travel Agent and ask about getting involved with a Sandals Gives Back fundraiser.


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