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Over 70% of U.S. travelers now purchase travel protection when booking their trip through a travel agent.  Quite simply, they do it because it's a smart decision.  Approximately one in 6 travelers have had to file a claim.

Still not convinced that travel insurance is for you?   Ask yourself, "Can I afford to lose my vacation investment?"   Sickness, injury or worse can occur when you are least expecting it.  And not only to you, but to your non-traveling family members.

Without travel insurance:

-Would you be able to pay all of your emergency expenses out of pocket and in advance?

-Would you be covered if you injured yourself on your trip and required emergency assistance or medical evacuation back to the U.S.?

-Would you be able to leave immediately if an elderly parent passed away or there was a medical emergency in your family back home while you were on your trip?

-Would you get your money back if something happened before your trip and you needed to cancel?

Travel insurance helps protect against unforeseen emergencies which can occur at any time. It also helps protect you against other circumstances like travel delay, lost or stolen baggage and personal items, missed connections, hurricanes and so much more.


In short, travel insurance is Peace of Mind. It allows you to relax and enjoy your vacation without worry. If you don't think it's worth the cost, just ask someone who's needed to file a claim.

Contact us for a quote.

Or click here to price one out with our preferred partner, Travel Guard.

Travel Insurance is available at an additional cost for all of our clients.  If you would like more information on coverage, we are happy to provide that information to you.  We are NOT licensed insurance agents, however we work closely with the insurance companies and their agents to provide our clients with the best coverage and service.  Because we are not licensed, all questions regarding coverage must be directed to the insurance company agents themselves.


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