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About Kira & Robert Solomon
Our Love Story With Sandals Resorts

In 2008, I founded My Paradise Planner after a transformative trip to Sandals Negril. Growing up, family vacations were rare and usually meant visiting relatives in Florida. My life changed when I met my husband, Robert, during freshman year of high school. He shared enchanting stories of his vacation at Beaches Negril, sparking a dream within me.

Robert promised to take me to Jamaica after our graduation. I clung to that promise, even dedicating a school journal project to the resort. Four years later, we graduated and moved to New York City for college, juggling full-time jobs and studies. True to his word, two years into college, Robert took me to Sandals Negril. That trip was life-changing.

Returning from Jamaica, I felt compelled to share the magic of Sandals Resorts with others. A year later, My Paradise Planner was born. Robert and I married in a beach ceremony in Jamaica, surrounded by close family and friends.

To be closer to the Caribbean, we moved to Florida, seizing every chance to visit Sandals and Beaches Resorts. Our dedication helped build our agency into a multi-award-winning company. In 2013, Robert joined the agency full-time, along with a team of specialized agents.

Our connection with Sandals deepened in 2019 during a work trip to Beaches Ocho Rios when we got pregnant with our son, Miles. We eagerly applied for his passport in early 2020, only to face the global pandemic shortly after. Navigating through that challenging year as a new mother and business owner was incredibly tough, but our supportive clients helped us persevere.

We celebrated our resilience by visiting Beaches Negril with our families, where we were blessed to get pregnant with our daughter, Isla. Both our children are "Beaches babies," symbolizing our deep connection to Sandals and Beaches Resorts.

Today, our agency thrives, continuously earning accolades as one of the top agencies worldwide for Sandals Resorts. Our bond with Sandals goes beyond vacations; the resorts are part of our life and love story. This profound connection is why we specialize in Sandals Resorts, sharing their unparalleled experience with the world.

Kira and Robert Solomon - My Paradise Planner - Sandals Resorts
Kira and Robert Solomon - My Paradise Planner - Sandals Resorts
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