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Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Company

Is My Paradise Planner a travel agency?

Yes.   We are a home based online travel agency.  We do not have a store front location, however we can still provide you with the same level of quality service and professionalism as any other travel agency in the industry- store front or home based. 

Do you have a specialty or area of expertise?

While our agents can help you with a wide variety of trips, each agent does specialize in specific destinations and travel niches.  To find the best specialist for you, click here.

Do you book all types of travel?

Our specialists book all types of travel  EXCEPT AIR-ONLY TRIPS.   We only issue airline tickets as part of All-Inclusive vacation packages.  

Can I use a My Paradise Planner travel agent's personalized vacation planning services even if I don't book through that agent?

If you are using the vacation planner services of a My Paradise Planner travel agent, we ask that all clients follow through with booking your vacation through that agent.  This way your agent can be compensated for their hard work.  For clients who do not following through with booking a vacation through My Paradise Planner, our agents reserve the right to refuse your vacation planning requests in the future or you may no longer be eligible for our free service and will be asked to pay a service fee.

Do you have office hours?

Our official office hours are Monday-Saturday from 9AM - 8PM EST.  However, our agents have the ability to set their own hours.  Some work part-time, some work full-time, and others work all-the-time.  If you're unsure then the best way to reach us is by email.  Our emails are checked constantly.

Why did I get sent to voicemail when I called?

Our agents work very hard.  If you call us and are unable to get through to us it is because we are either on the other line or away from our desks. Our jobs require us to be out of the office a lot, for meetings, seminars, conferences, and our own travels.  This is why we advise people to email us if possible.  Thanks to smart phones we are able to get emails immediately as opposed to waiting to call in and check voicemails.

Why am I getting your phone number on the Sandals or Beaches Resort page?

Since we work so closely with Sandals and Beaches resorts, as their preferred specialists and a top producing seller of their brand, Sandals and Beaches have provided us with a website link that co-brands our company with theirs.  

Our company has a big presence on Social Media (Facebook, Blogging, Twitter, Tubmlr, ect).  We post deals, advice, blogs, and many other things about Sandals and Beaches daily.  Many people click on the links we've provided and end up on the Sandals and Beaches sites on their own.    This allows our friends, followers, and clients to browse their sites and if they choose to book on their own the credit goes back to us.   We work very hard to keep up with our Social Media posts and provide the latest and greatest news, deals and information about these resorts.  So this just ensures that compensation for our hard work comes back to us in the end.  

It will cost you nothing extra or nor will it change anything if you book through our co-branded site or on the regular Sandals or Beaches sites.  So if you found Sandals or Beaches through us, please do us the courtesy and either book directly with our Sandals specialists or book through our co-branded site.   We truly appreciate your support! 

Are you hiring?

Our agency is always looking for new travel professionals to join our awesome team. For more information, please click here to visit our "Join Our Team" page for more information on how to get started.

Our Services

How do your service work?

You can either search for deals directly on our site by clicking here, scrolling down and clicking the various "Book Now" buttons.  Or just fill out our request form for the type of vacation you wish to book (hotel only, packages, cruise line, etc.)  Once we receive your information, we'll try to find the best possible price, and will notify via email within 2 business days (unless our company is closed for a major holiday, then please allow an extra day).  At that time, we will let you know all your options to book your vacation with My Paradise Planner.

How much does your service cost?

Nothing. You receive the same price for the rooms and tickets you book with us as you would if you called the supplier or booked it online yourself.  In many cases, we can find discounts and other promotional offerings that you might not know about

How is it possible that you can provide these services free of charge?

We make our money through commissions paid to us by the supplier (hotel, resort, cruise line, etc).  The price you pay is the same, whether you book through the supplier directly, or through My Paradise Planner.  The supplier does not charge you extra for our commission.

Why should I use your service?

There are several reasons to use our service.  You can let us do all the searching for you to save you time and energy.   You can be at ease knowing professional travel experts are handling the details of your extra special vacation.  You get access to all of the special deals only available to travel agents and their clients.  And of course, the best reason is because it's FREE!

Booking Process

What is the booking process?

When you are ready to book your vacation your My Paradise Planner specialist will send you our Booking Form.  Once the form is filled out and submitted your specialist will book your travel arrangements and email you a copy of the confirmation.  It's a very easy process and your specialist will be there every step of the way to answer your questions or offer their help and guidance.

Do I have to pay you up front for my vacation?

The deposit requirements are set by the resorts, hotels, airlines, etc.  Deposit amounts, due dates, terms, conditions and policies vary based on the resort or package you select.  That deposit is made via My Paradise Planner directly to the supplier you are using for your vacation.  At no time does My Paradise Planner ever charge your credit card.  This way you are assured that your deposit is applied directly to your vacation at the time of booking.  Some packages do require that you pay the balance 45 days prior to your arrival.  Again, that payment is made directly to the supplier company (hotel, resort, etc).  Your agent will explain the deposit amounts, due dates, and all other policies before booking your trip.

I hear horror stories all the time about Travel Agencies that went out of business, and people lost their vacations?  What guarantees do I have doing business with you?

Since we don't charge your credit card, and since you never pay My Paradise Planner for your vacation, you will never have to worry about this.  When making your reservations, you provide us with your credit card information for booking.  We, in turn, provide that information to the supplier.  The supplier then charges your card.  This way you are assured that every payment you make towards your vacation is applied directly to your reservation.


Do you have a return or refund policy?

We do not have a return policy as we do not sell anything directly.  Any tickets, hotel stays, or car rentals booked through our site or our agents are subject to the refund, return, and cancellation policies of the supplier such as the airline, hotel company, rental car company, etc.  For additional protection against these policies, we highly recommend Travel Protection.

What if I need to cancel a trip I booked with you?

The cancellations terms and conditions are based off of the policies of the resorts, hotels, and cruise lines our specialists book you at.  They should be outlined in your booking confirmations, however if you cannot find it or have questions, just ask your specialist and they will be happy to help.  As soon as you know you need to cancel, contact your specialist.  You don't want to wait too long and cancel when it is too late.  We understand things come up, that is why we highly recommend Travel Protection.  It protects your money should you have to cancel at a time when refunds are unavailable through your supplier.

Partnership Opportunities With My Paradise Planner

How To Become A My Paradise Planner Agent

Since opening our agency in 2008, we have had several people interested in learning about becoming a travel agent.  


We have created a page dedicated to explaining what it is that we do and how to get involved.  To learn more about becoming a My Paradise Planner team member, click here.


Becoming A Partner With My Paradise Planner

Do you own a non-competing business?  Would you like to be featured on Our Partners Page & Our Facebook page?     If so, contact owner Kira Solomon by emailing to be added to our page.  


*We also have referral payment systems in place with our various agents.  Contact Kira for more details.

More Questions?

Still have questions?

Contact us!  We're all here to help.

Call 1-888-FREE-MPP to speak to a specialist over the phone.

Email to speak to one via email.

Or fill out the form on our Contact Us page to share your questions.

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