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Find Your Paradise Planner

Our professional travel planners can send you anywhere in the world that you wish to go, however each have an area of expertise they specialize in which is listed below.

Kira Sandals Plane

Kira Solomon


Sandals & Beaches Resorts Award Winning Expert

1-888-373-3677 x 700

Robert Headshot

Robert Solomon

Group & Luxury

Travel Specialist

1-888-373-3677 x 701

Kerri Headshot

Kerri Ross

Hard Rock & Unico Resorts

Award Winning Expert

1-888-373-3677 x 707

Christie Headshot

Christie Cronin

Caribbean & Mexico

All-Inclusive Specialist

1-888-373-3677 x 716

Hannah Headshot 2

Hannah Trahan

Wedding, Honeymoon &

Disney Specialist

1-888-373-3677 x 712


Jackie Allen

Hawaii Specialist

1-888-373-3677 x 702

Alyssa Headshot

Alyssa Hanly

Cruise Specialist

1-888-373-3677 x 711

Julie Headshot

Julie Murphy

Hotel & Resort Specialist

1-888-373-3677 x 717


Kayla Southard

Wedding & Honeymoon Specialist

1-888-373-3677 x 715


Crystal Guntar

South America, Asia, Africa & Europe Specialist

1-888-373-3677 x 706

Considering a career as a travel professional?  

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