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Ryan Thompson

Independent Agent with My Paradise Planner & Owner of Another Magical Day Travel

Ryan has grown up in Florida, the theme park capital of the world! Ryan’s favorite thing to say, which he does a few times a month, is “Headed to Orlando!”


With his wife and two daughters they spend as much time at Disney, Busch Gardens, Universal Studios and Sea World as they can, creating memories and traditions that will last lifetimes.


Over the years they’ve experienced much of what Disney World offers but are always finding new things to help then fall in love with the parks! They are the “GO TO” experts among their friends for finding a new favorite restaurant to indulge, or a hidden Disney adventure, or just the best places to watch the fireworks.


Ryan would love to help you on your Disney vacation, and his years of expertise can help make sure you make every second as exciting, or as relaxing, as you desire.


Ask Ryan how you can make everyday another magical day!

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