Kira with Mr. Stewart at a Sandals event.

Gordon "Butch" Stewart

Chairman & Founder of Sandals Resorts International

"My sincere personal thanks for dropping everything to meet with the Sandals Resorts team last week.  Your genuine concern and fast acceptance to join the meeting is not only an example of your commitment to Sandals Resorts but a testament to our relationship. "

Kira Solomon with Gary & Melody Fee

Gary Fee

President of the Outside Sales & Support Netowork (OSSN)

Kira Solomon has been a member of the OSSN since 2009.   Almost immediately after joining, our Northeastern Regional Director, asked her to take the position of OSSN Chapter Director for the New York City area.  She accepted and served as a director for one year before having to leave the area and move to Florida.  We were sad to see her leave her position in New York, but we look forward to the possibility of having her as one of our Florida directors in the future.


In the short time that I've known Kira, I have seen her go from working under a host agency struggling to get into the industry part-time, to working full-time, free from a host agency with her very own TRUE code, bringing on independent agents under her company.   She is very driven and determined to be successful in this industry and we cannot wait to see what else is in store for her future.

Mr. Roper & Kira at a Sandals event

David Roper

Director Of Industry Relations for Sandals Resorts

I can confirm that Kira has been a tremendous supporter of Sandals Resorts since the inception of her company, after she visited one of the Resorts with her husband.  


Kira, in her short time in the industry, has achieved much recognition for her "go-get-it" approach to business.  She is particularly goal-oriented and can attribute much of her success to her fine understanding of technology.  In fact, her clever use of Social Media outlets has been a key element in her fabulous progression in business.


After moving to the Tampa area a year before, last December (at the tender age of 25) Kira attained membership to the prestigious Sandals Chairman's Royal Club, an Elite Club for which annual membership is gained only by top sellers of the Sandals Resorts product line.

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